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The Vreeland Clinic's Location:

331 Olcott Drive, U1 • White River Junction, VT 05001


We are located at the end of Olcott Drive in the upper level of the
Olcott Professional Building. We are the first unit on the left hand side.

Migraines & Headaches

“The Vreeland Clinic has been an effective treatment for my migraines after years of working with a neurologist, allergist and acupuncturist...”

P.H., Vermont



“My son started having daily migraines and headaches when we came here and with just a few eye exercises and diet changes (no peanuts, cheese or chocolate) we saw immediate changes. He no longer gets headaches and no longer needs daily headache medication. Even his behavioral problems have improved at school — his teacher said he's a completely different child!

J.C., Massachusetts


Become A Patient

People wishing to become patients at the Vreeland Clinic receive an initial free evaluative consultation by phone with Dr. Court Vreeland. To set up your consultation, please call us at 802-649-3122.

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