General Testimonials

About two years ago I wound up in the hospital with severe anemia and needing a blood transfusion. After multiple testing that found no cause of this, I was put on iron to see if that would help. I changed my diet to eliminate almost all processed food, started growing the majority of the fruits and vegetables I consumed, increased my exercise, but a year and a half later felt about the same but with more fatigue and achiness. All of my labs were “normal” and I was told my symptoms could be because I’m getting older or possible depression. I insisted on more testing for inflammation and/or leaky gut. This then showed I was positive for an immune disorder. After waiting weeks to see a rheumatologist and more labs they still weren’t sure what was wrong with me. They mentioned putting me on medication to alleviate the symptoms. I don’t like taking medications because of the side effects so I sought other options. My sister had been to the Vreeland Clinic so I set up an appointment. I was elated when I left because for once I felt like I was being listened to and not stereotyped. Within weeks I was feeling better just on the few supplements I was advised to take. After testing and a few more supplements and dietary changes, I feel 95% better. In less than 3 months I feel better with the overall natural approach than I did with mainstream medical approach that just focused on individual symptoms. I still have a little ways to go, but at least I am off all prescription medications and can enjoy my life again. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine doesn’t always support the more natural approach but I personally believe it is the best place to start.

Gwyn, NH

“I would send everyone I know the Vreeland Clinic!! I am a pain free walking advertisement-what more does anyone need?”

Kendra from Vermont

“Thank you for all of your help, you guys are truly the first people who have been able to help me understand what is going on at all.”

Vermont Healthcare Practitioner

I am so grateful for the wonderful health care I have received at The Vreeland Clinic over the last 15 years with Drs. Vreeland. The professional health care that The Vreeland Clinic provides is what Healthcare in the United States - caring about the healing of patients – should be modeled after. It is real care in the highest form! I have had different health issue over these years. Some of these issues were a serious imbalance in my blood, Menieres, shingles, bladder issues, toxicity, and other. Dr Vreeland addressed those issues with holistic treatments. I returned to a state of balance and health in short periods of time. In addition, with his expertise, he is able to uncover potential problems before they manifest. I am in my mid 60s. I take no medications. I feel healthier than I did 25 years ago. I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Vreeland as my true primary health care provider. The Vreeland Clinic is a true investment in my health!

Marlene, MA

“I find Dr. Court to be a good listener, which his questions reflect. He has an easy manner that allows me, as his patient, to be comfortable in sharing my concerns. I appreciate that when I do have questions there is adequate time during the appointment for me to have them answered thoroughly.

In addition, he has been “spot on” with his diagnoses of myself, my daughter and my two young grandsons... I recommend Dr. Court to everyone!

I have learned so much from Dr. Court. He has taught me how the brain can "interrupt" the pattern of my well being and is helping me to rebalance and remain in good health. Moreover, I love reading his blogs with the latest information and newest research.

I find Dr. Court to be a professional of the highest caliber and I look forward to a long "healthy" relationship with him as I set my sights on living to be 100 plus!”

A.M., Vermont

“Dr. Court and Dr. Carrie are most definitely people I will continue to recommend. You all make an uncomfortable situation very calming and hopeful...

Thank you for all that you do... You are a wonderful power team of healers.

Keep up the great work.”

Tami Dowd, Lyme, NH

“When I think about the 30+ years of advice, counseling and healthcare that you and your dad have provided for me, my family and friends, it is overwhelming. The best thing I ever did was to set up my first appointment with the Vreeland Clinic. I truly believe the holistic care you give and teach is the reason I am so healthy. Not only have you been a blessing in my life, but also in my grandson's. From the day he was born, your dad was there to help and now with Dr. Court's help we have managed to get through so many hurdles. Thank you for all you do!”

L.D., Vermont

“I am happy to write a testimonial to your incredible service and care that you have provided to me and my friends over the past 30 years. I came to the Vreeland Clinic almost 30 years ago suffering from intense fatigue, depression, pain and a myriad of complaints — I had seen main stream doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths — had been in the hospital several times and could not get well. Then I met Dr. Vreeland — he was amazing — I used to tape my sessions with him because the wealth of information and care was just mind boggling — I am now a thriving healthy and very happy person — I continue to feel better and better as I continue care with Dr. Court and Dr. Carrie — In fact they are my primary care people- I have no need for anyone else. Dr. Court gives the same level of care and compassion and has the same brain as his father!! (It amazes me the wealth of information that is in there!!) I think the biggest key is that they are constantly learning new things — new research — I wish I could let everyone know the scope of what these guys can do — If people with food and drug addiction, alcohol addiction, hormonal issues, allergies, brain damage, physical ailments, etc. — knew that many of their afflictions were able to be treated without drugs and surgery we would have a much healthier society!!! And equally as important is Linda Thomas whose compassion and gentle demeanor makes me feel welcome and well cared for when I need an appointment — or I need to get a hold of some information — Dr Carrie rounds out the practice with her expertise, her wonderful smile, her compassion and her support of the entire practice. I have been working with her to round out my care with Flower Essences — Her support of the business and running of the office administration is key to completing the success of the Vreeland Clinic.

I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family to the Vreeland Clinic.

Thank you for your incredible dedication to sustaining a healthy and safe place for people to go where the answers are real and life healing and health supporting!”

M.W., New Hampshire

“I have been coming here since 1995. I am the healthiest. No flu — no colds!”

L.B., Vermont

“I have avoided expensive and invasive medical treatments on several occasions because of my visits to the Vreeland Clinic. I feel very lucky to have access to this kind of care which has helped keep me healthy for many years.”

A.C., New Hampshire

“I want you to know how very grateful I am for all that you bring to your practice of health! I feel so very blessed that I discovered you. It is wonderful knowing that you are there to get the cause of symptoms that are just signs of 'misalignment.' Knowing that your knowledge, wisdom, all of your skills and 'table-side' manner are there waiting for me after the ride up to Vermont from Massachusetts brings me peace of mind and return to balance. I am happy to experience the 'table-side' manner before it ever turns into my being in bed — requiring bedside manner! May your lives be filled with many blessings!”

M.C., Massachusetts

“I had to send a note to thank both you (Linda) and Dr. Court for such a phenomenal visit today with my Dad! Now that he knows what is going on, that it is being treated and will get better, his spirits are uplifted! In addition to the excellent treatment, Dr. Court gave my Dad his peace of mind back!

And you... made the visit so fun and special that he wants to switch, permanently, and come periodically so that he can keep his back in good shape!

Thank you all for what you do which is truly one-of-a kind!”

New Hampshire

“The Vreeland Clinic has kept us optimally healthy for over three decades.”

R.C and A.B., Vermont