The Vreeland Clinic provides the most advanced and comprehensive health care available without the use
of drugs or surgery.

You are not just one symptom or one diagnosis such as a migraine, fatigue, or an autoimmune disease. We see you and treat you as a unique and complete person who desires optimal health to enjoy a rich, full life.

How we do it

To help you achieve your optimal health, we use a systems-oriented approach that engages our patients to take an active role in their healing. Because you are not an isolated set of symptoms, we will take time to listen to you. Through this process we’ll examine your unique history, and look at how the interactions of your genetics, environment, nutrition, diet and other lifestyle factors influence your health. We seek the root causes of your condition or discomfort rather than simply treating the symptom itself. To restore your body to its natural balance and regain the vitality you desire, we use a multifaceted approach that may include exercise, nutrition, supplementation, neurologic rehabilitation or other lifestyle modifications.

Break with tradition

Traditional, Western-style medicine often implies that if expensive drugs or surgery can’t treat the problem, it cannot be helped. However, we offer a powerful alternative to the outdated and ineffective traditional model. By applying a functional model of healthcare we are able to more accurately predict the emergence and progression of chronic disease. This enables us to practice proactive, predictive, personalized healthcare that empowers our patients to achieve the highest expression of health and wellness.

Let us help you

Over the last 39 years, we have helped many people with a diverse range of health issues. We can help you achieve the well-being and good health you hope for.

Is this you?

You are dissatisfied by the medical care you have received by your doctor or specialist for a health concern.

You feel there must be some relief or cure for your condition, but the practitioners you have seen either do not know it or won’t take the time to find it.

They give you pain-relieving drugs and rush you out so they can see the next patient. You feel hopeless, like you may never be healthy and fully active again. Will you be saddled with this condition for the rest of your life?

We hear of this experience from so many patients who come to us. But after a few treatments at the Vreeland Clinic, our patients begin to feel a renewed sense of hope and energy after they see and feel the positive changes that are occurring. New possibilities emerge as their health and balance are restored. Read our testimonials section if you want more details!