Becoming a Patient:

Depending on your current condition or level of health, we offer several different care packages. Click the links below to learn more about each to determine which you feel would be most beneficial for you.


Dr. Vreeland speaks to all new patients before their first visit. This is provided free of charge. This allows Dr. Vreeland to get a better sense of your case and to determine if our unique care is right for you. At this time, Dr. Vreeland will discuss which package best suits your needs.


For those looking for weight loss and diet planning, please click the Weight Loss link.


Family Discount:

First family member – full package price

Each additional family member – 15% discount off package price plus $50 referral fee credited to referring patient.


Please note our Cancellation Policy and Saturday Cancellation Policy.

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Your first appointment

There are a few forms we need filled out either online or by hand and brought with you to your first appointment. Click here to access the New Patient forms.

Once you arrive at the office please check in at the front desk as there may be additional forms to complete.

  • You will be asked for a urine sample, so please check in before using the restroom.
  • Please bring along any supplements that you are currently taking so we can see what they contain.
  • Please provide a list of any medications that you take, and the results of any recent blood work that you have had done.
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