Low Back Pain

"I have been experiencing flare-ups of Sacroiliitis for several years which, while infrequent, are very painful and largely debilitating when they occur. After the most recent one, at my fiancé's suggestion I made an appointment to see Dr. Court Vreeland. I have been impressed by his depth of knowledge and practical approach to my problem and believe that for the first time I have a long-term strategy for preventing these flare-ups, or at least greatly decreasing the frequency with which they occur."

J.A., Vermont


"I saw Dr. Court as I was plagued with excruciating pain on the left side of my lower back. I was told to do physical therapy by my orthopedist that didn't even see me at the time but, it did not help the pain at all. In fact, I really felt abandoned by the medical community! Then I called the Vreeland Clinic and I was treated with cold laser and given specific instructions for eye exercises at home. The pain gradually decreased and allowed me to live life the way I was used to before this pain had made it just about impossible to make it to the dumpster at my condo to get rid of the garbage or even walk to my car that was parked nearby. I would highly recommend Dr. Court to anyone who experiences any kind of pain or even other discomfort."

A.V., New Hampshire