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Vreeland Clinic

Applying Science and Nature to Achieve your Optimal Health


The Vreeland Clinic's Location:
331 Olcott Drive, U1 • White River Junction, VT 05001

We are located at the end of Olcott Drive in the upper level of the
Olcott Professional Building. We are the first unit on the left hand side.

Lyme Disease

“A year and a half ago I came down with a completely debilitating case of what my doctor said was some sort of arthritis. I had had several Lyme disease tests which came back negative. Drs. Vreeland were convinced that I had Lyme and had me take a more complete test from a lab in Palo Alto. I was in Pittsburgh, barely able to stand up, when I got a call letting me know that I in fact had Lyme.

By that time I couldn't close my hands, stand up, or raise my arms above my waist and was exhausted, depleted, and depressed. Dr. Court took it on. He helped me with a regimen of western medicine, homeopathy, diet, supplements, and physical therapy.

He was a gift from the gods. Not only did I progress, but his counsel and encouragement helped me understand what was going on literally every step of the way. I have recovered about 95 percent of my old self and feel like I have a new lease on life. Dr. Court's combination of science, art, kindness, and magic has made an indelible impression on my life.”

T.B., New Jersey