Migraines & Headaches

“I came to see Dr. Vreeland with chronic daily headaches, migraines, and I was unable to lose any weight. My day-to-day pain level was a 6/10 with migraines spiking the pain to a 10+/10. I felt like the migraines were getting worse and I wanted to try something other than more pain medications. At our initial visit Dr. Vreeland recommended some testing which uncovered inflammation and other metabolic issues. He recommended treatment program that included dietary changes and supplementation. I followed the plan diligently and have seen great results. In the last three months I have had 53 headache free days, which is a HUGE improvement. Not only is the frequency of the headaches lower, but when I do happen to get a headache now the intensity is less. They are much more manageable. I’ve also been able to lose 9 pounds in just over three months. I have been very pleased with my decision to seek care at the Vreeland Clinic.”

Meredith Manning


“The Vreeland Clinic has been an effective treatment for my migraines after years of working with a neurologist, allergist and acupuncturist...”

P.H., Vermont


“My son started having daily migraines and headaches when we came here and with just a few eye exercises and diet changes (no peanuts, cheese or chocolate) we saw immediate changes. He no longer gets headaches and no longer needs daily headache medication. Even his behavioral problems have improved at school — his teacher said he's a completely different child!”

J.C., Massachusetts