Mild Cognitive Impairment

“My husband was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment, by both his primary care physician and a neurologist, in February 2008. A year later, seeing some progression and seeking the best advice and treatment, he was evaluated by another neurologist, a specialist at a Memory Disorders Clinic. The doctor's assessment was grim, and he concluded that there would be steady progression toward Alzheimer's Disease. Our son, who lives in Vermont and had been treated successfully for parasites at the Vreeland Clinic, urged us to see Dr. Vreeland.

From our first appointment in October 2009, we were offered hope, along with a series of ever-evolving neurological exercises and nutritional supplements. My husband made steady progress toward better functioning, with change noticed by our sons after only two months. Dr. Court took over the case and continued monitoring and encouraging my husband. When we next saw the “no hope” neurologist for a follow-up some six months later (2010), the doctor exclaimed, “He's better! His condition is very mild.” Nonetheless, he repeated that the condition would gradually progress for the worse. Recently (2011) we returned to the Memory Disorders Clinic for another annual check. This time, the doctor informed us that there was no reason to return in another year. There had been no deterioration, and he now did not expect there to be any significant changes in future.

You can imagine our relief and our great gratitude to the Vreeland Clinic for Dr. Court's continued skillful and caring treatment. He is not only highly knowledgeable but also patient, humane, and insightful.”

K.K., New York