(An Auto-Immune Disease)

“A few months after I had surgery for a mitral valve repair at age 77 years, I developed myositis, an auto-immune disease which attacks the muscles, primarily of the shoulders and hips. The only effective medical treatment for myositis is a steroid drug, prednisone, which counteracts the disease and allows the muscles to rebuild. I was on this drug for over a year, and when free of it, began to work towards feeling stronger, with exercise and vitamins.

Three and a half years later, I had a successful shoulder replacement, and was well enough to function, yet I was also tired and felt a lack of energy. I was also aware that with an auto-immune problem, there is a always a possibility of recurrence in the same or another form.

I had heard that Dr.Vreeland might be able to help me understand how to build up my body's defense to a recurrence without the use of drugs. Dr. Court V. looked at my blood tests and quickly determined that I was close to anemic and low on proteins, which showed that my body wasn't being given enough nourishment to protect myself in building up my defenses.

At age 81 years now, after four months of changing to a diet high in proteins, iron and calcium with plenty of fruits and vegetables, I am much more energetic and strong, able to do most everything. I am encouraged that my blood tests show that I am now in the normal ranges and that I, with Dr. Vreeland's knowledge of how to nourish my body in a natural way, am giving myself the best build-up and defense against the auto-immune reactions for the future.”

M.A.W., New Hampshire