Neck Injury

“The relationship between Chiropractor and Massage Therapist is a long, well known one. In theory, as a massage therapist, I am aware of the benefit of chiropractic treatment in conjunction with massage. Then I got hurt. My natural tendency when I significantly snapped my neck in an argument with a barn door was to treat it with massage, which I did for weeks. Surprised, more than a month later, I was not better, but in fact worse. I called Court Vreeland right away. As it was a neck injury, and I felt tingling in my hands I was worried, but felt comfortable seeing Court as he is a neurological chiropractor. The last place I wanted to be with an injury such as mine was on an operating table. As with massage, I am aware that taking the natural healing route is usually a longer process than the medical surgical route. In my world, natural healing and no surgery was of utmost importance.

The time and effort that Court has spent with me guiding my body through the healing process has been invaluable to me. I am near to 100% and in the maintenance phase of my treatment. I am so grateful to Court and everyone at the Vreeland Clinic for treating my injury and myself throughout this process and would highly recommend Court Vreeland and the Vreeland Clinic to anyone I know. Court is my first choice when referring my massage clients for chiropractic care.”

PJ, Vermont