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Vreeland Clinic

Applying Science and Nature to Achieve your Optimal Health


The Vreeland Clinic's Location:
331 Olcott Drive, U1 • White River Junction, VT 05001

We are located at the end of Olcott Drive in the upper level of the
Olcott Professional Building. We are the first unit on the left hand side.

Seizures & Dizziness

“After suffering two seizures and experiencing recurring symptoms of dizziness and 'brain fogginess', I sought treatment at the Vreeland Clinic when the neurology department at a world class Boston hospital was unable to identify a conclusive diagnosis. After thorough examination, medical history and some testing the Vreeland Clinic diagnosed me with a vestibular disorder and began my treatment which required no medication but just a series of daily 'brain exercises'. I began to see immediate improvement and in just a matter of weeks, my symptoms began to subside. Now, months later, I feel that I finally have a logical scientific explanation for my seizures and symptoms and I have begun to live my life again.”

M.M., Massachusetts