Asthma / Respiratory Issues

“I've been a patient with the Vreeland Clinic for nearly 20 years and have very confidently referred many family and friends to the clinic so they could enjoy the same incredible treatment. Dr. Court and his father have been of invaluable help to myself, my 2 daughters and my husband.

When one of my daughters was very young, she suddenly developed symptoms of asthma after attending a particular summer camp. Her pediatrician was unable to diagnose the problem, so we were given 'free samples' to see if that helped. We then brought her to Dr. Vreeland. A spot-on diagnosis and supplements to address the issue resulted in a gradual improvement and a full resolution of her symptoms within one month.

I highly recommend the Vreeland Clinic for all your health care needs."

Liza, Concord, NH


“Several years ago, I came down with a strange respiratory problem. Every morning when I awoke and sat up, I would go into a coughing fit, my airways would close, and I'd be unable to breathe normally for as long as a couple of minutes. I went to several doctors and they all diagnosed me with asthma and prescribed me inhalers with steroids. I didn't want to put anything unnatural in my body or rely on this drug to be able to breathe normally, so I went to Dr. Vreeland to see if he could figure out what was wrong.

When no other doctor would even stop to consider that an allergy might be the root of the problem, Dr. Vreeland did an amazing allergy test and found out that I had an allergy to wheat. I didn't need the inhaler for the rest of my life; all I had to do was cut wheat and gluten out of my diet for little while. My breathing got better within a week, and I was completely able to eat wheat again (in moderation) just a few months later.

I would recommend Dr. Vreeland to absolutely anyone and everyone, especially if you find yourself relying on prescription medications that cover up symptoms, but don't treat the cause of the problem. He is a wonderful doctor and one of the warmest, kindest people I know.

O.C., New Hampshire