Autism / On the Autistic Spectrum

From a mother whose child is Autistic

"His connection with the family has improved greatly. Before treatment, he had his own language, but now when asked if he wants to go skiing he responds, "Not I!" He interacts and plays with other children now and can answer direct questions. Without his supplements, staying on tract is very hard for him."

C.K., Vermont


From a mother whose child had an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

“Her coordination is markedly improved. She is able to jump rope and she learned to ride a bike. These changes seemed to improve quickly. She is 9 years old and hadn't been ready to ride a bike until now. She was able to play soccer, but she has made leaps in being able to follow the game and participate. Her school work is markedly improved in all areas. Her personality is to be very diligent anyway, but there is a big difference in her patience and emotional stability around the process. Her teachers are very pleased with her academic improvements, too. Socially there have been leaps and bounds as well. Though she is shy, she is much more talkative and articulate when she knows you. She is someone who is full of wonder about the world, and it's great to see her sharing this with others now. Her interaction with her peers continues to get better. She has a lot of fears that creep up at bedtime, but these are much rarer now and she is more quickly reassured. She also has improved confidence as well.”

M.S., Massachusetts