Weight Issues

"I began with Dr. Vreeland after 18 years of not feeling well and my symptoms getting worse. My symptoms included insomnia, diffuse joint pain, low energy at times, very bad constipation, bloating, and gastrointestinal distress. I was having headaches and vertigo as well. Also, I had gained weight and nothing I did helped me lose it. I tried lots of things with no success. Rheumatology wanted to put me on RA drugs and prednisone, but I was not comfortable with that approach so I sought Dr. Vreeland’s help. Dr. Vreeland ordered some tests including a test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). It was positive so we began a protocol to eliminate the overgrowth, reduce the inflammation, and to help me lose weight. In just three and a half months my muscle and joint pain are greatly improved, as is my constipation. I am sleeping better, I have no other gastrointestinal symptoms, no headaches and no vertigo. My rheumatologist cannot believe the improvement in my blood work. She says she’s never seen anything like it! I’ve also been able to lose almost 20 pounds which I thought would never happen! I cant say how thrilled I am to be working with Dr. Vreeland who has finally zoned in on my issues where no other MD has been able and that I am feeling so much better without the use of potentially dangerous drugs!! He has helped my daughter too. We are both so thrilled!”

Donna Cauti

“Being overweight is a scary, shameful burden to carry. We question ourselves – How did this happen? Why me? What's wrong with me? Everyone can see your biggest failure - you carry it with you everyday. There is no hiding, so you learn to be invisible, to fade into the background as much as you can. To not draw attention to yourself. When you are overweight, you feel like people make judgements about other parts of your life too, about your intelligence. Maybe they do, maybe they don't.

Tackling the issues that brought you to the stage of being overweight aren't easy. There are the obvious medical situations but there is also a HUGE mental component that can derail you faster than anything else. Maybe you start a program, maybe you make it a couple of days, or weeks. Then you are off track – and you think why bother trying again, the same thing will happen. It's not worth the effort, change is hard, you're not worth the effort.

If you aren't mentally ready, or don't have the right support system in place, changing your lifestyle for a healthier one can seem insurmountable.

I was DETERMINED that if I was selected for the Weight Loss to Wellness program, I would give 100%, do everything the Vreeland Clinic and KDR Fitness asked of me. No questions asked. If this effort failed, it would be the "system" not me this time.

I was selected! Best day of my life. I truly feel like I've won the lottery for life doing this program. My future now has no limits.

Meeting Dr. Court and Kate has been a priceless experience. Not once did I feel "less than" or unworthy of their time and skill when meeting and working with them. We had weekly meetings at the clinic and each time I left I felt a bigger rush of assurance that I would succeed. They seemed to have faith in my abilities, why shouldn't I?

The First Line Therapy program works. Its simple, but not necessarily easy. It requires effort and attention and support. Logging my food, planning and preparation, making small adjustments occasionally and monitoring my energy levels are vital to my success. Kate and Dr. Court were extremely positive and supportive of all the successes, not just the weigh-in results. They look at the whole picture, the lifestyle and don't rely on the "scale" to dictate progress. Their approach is practical, from walking us through a grocery store to learn to shop differently to sharing recipes they like. The coolest thing - they do this too! They are walking their talk.

I now have confidence in my ability to tackle the unknown and not be disappointed by setbacks. I've learned I can do WAY more than I ever thought. I've gained a level of self-worth I never imagined being possible. I am disciplined. I can commit and follow through. I can make a mistake and not bury myself over it.

I've learned that even those who are healthy and fit have bad moments. The difference is they have developed the skills to get back on track and they build a support system to keep them going when they falter.

I spend less time thinking about food, but more time preparing it and enjoying it. I even have confidence to cook now. I don't have cravings or emotional binges anymore. The feelings that used to incite binge eating, they still come, I just respond differently. I don't have the same anxious responses. I let myself feel, then I move on. I think my kids are baffled by this, they are used to me behaving one way, and aren't sure how to handle it. They'll catch on.

My program may be over, but I will continue on with the Vreeland Clinic. I'm less overweight than 12 weeks ago, but feel a whole person lighter. That negative person in my head no longer lives there. I have new goals to reach and know the Vreeland Clinic has the tools to help me reach them. I have the utmost faith that I will learn what I need to from them to make permanent improvements to my life.

Thank you for everything!!”

Kim, New Hampshire

“About twelve years ago, in spite of a very active life style, I started gaining weight. I spent the next decade moving through a revolving door of both traditional and non-traditional healthcare providers trying to find answers for my weight gain and possible solutions. I was told everything from I needed to eat less and exercise more to I should just accept weight gain as part of getting older. I continued to worry about what the extra weight was doing to my long-term health and how it might interfere with my goal of continuing to be active as I got older.

Three years ago I ended my search for a healthcare provider when I made an appointment at the Vreeland Clinic. Using standard blood tests and applied kinesiology, Dr. Court narrowed the problem down to poor gut health and a significant inflammation issue. The course of treatment included daily supplements and adjustments to my diet as well as a shift from primarily cardiovascular activities to resistance training. Although my original concern was weight gain, the inflammation was probably going to end up causing much more serious health issues. In the three years with the Vreeland Clinic the inflammation has dropped to within normal ranges, I have lost over thirty pounds and I feel better than I have in a decade.”

Christina, Vermont

"I came to see Dr. Vreeland because I could not lose weight (despite running 3 days per week), trouble sleeping three to four times per week, hair loss, and unexplained diarrhea up to twice per month. I just didn’t feel like myself. At my first visit Dr. Vreeland took a careful history and ordered some laboratory testing, including a stool sample. We also discussed diet and he made some supplementation recommendations. The stool test showed I had inflammation in my GI tract in addition to bacterial overgrowth. With adjustments to the supplements, dietary changes, and changes to my exercise regime I am feeling so much better. I am sleeping at night. My gastrointestinal symptoms are better and I’ve lost 34 pounds! And all of this is just 6 months! I am finally feeling more like myself.”

Carolyn Greaves

“I came to the Vreeland Clinic through the Weight Loss to Wellness Contest. I entered the WL2W contest to lose weight and get healthy. They helped me change my diet and the way I view food. Instead of eating for the sake of it, they taught me to eat to fuel my body. In 12 weeks time I have limited my need for diabetes medicine and Motrin for pain. KDR also helped me with exercise and finding something I enjoy. I also discovered through both the Vreeland Clinic and KDR Fitness I am worth taking care of me and it’s okay to have me time."

Note from the Vreeland Clinic: Donna Marie has been able to stop taking 8 out of 13 medications within the last 12 weeks just by changing her diet and exercising!

Donna, New Hampshire

From the 2013 Upper Valley Weight Loss to Wellness Contest Winner:

To Date: “I am officially down 20 lbs on the scale, lost 10% of my body weight and am down almost 4 pants sizes and almost 2 shirt sizes since I started. I can't remember the number of pounds of fat I have lost, but want to say it’s close to 25. Amazing! I can dead lift more than my body weight, can just go out for a 3 mile run whenever I want, feel a ton of muscle through my clothes, and finally I don't “hate” what I see in the mirror!

I can't say Thank You enough!”

Katelyn, New Hampshire

From a patient in our FirstLine Therapy Program:

“I have been working with Dr. Vreeland since 2011 for health maintenance. My journey with Kate and FLT began 33 weeks ago with the thought that I would refresh my knowledge on my eating patterns — what, when, where and how much. Little did I know I was embarking on a life-changing event. I have lost 25 pounds and my goals continue to change as I reach each milestone.

As I met weekly with Kate, I learned that being healthy and fit was a science. I learned about eating the right foods to help my body naturally burn fat and about a healthy body fat percentage, not just a number on the scale.

Here I am in my 33rd week with weight loss, body fat loss and climbing the mountain to better health. I invite you to take this journey for yourself. The knowledge and support from both Dr. Vreeland and Kate will give you the confidence and the power to be healthy and enjoy life – Just Don’t Quit!

Janice's Recipe for Health and Fitness

  1. Desire
  2. Knowledge
  3. Weekly Check-In's
  4. Determination
  5. Laughter
  6. Goals

Janice, New Hampshire

From a patient who completed our 12 week First Line Therapy Program:

“What a change has occurred during the past 12 weeks! After the death of both my parents during the past year I put on 30 lbs and became a slug as well. My back hurt, I didn’t feel good about myself, and I looked like I was pregnant besides! I tried cleaning up my diet, but nothing was working. In hopes of getting myself back on the road to health I started by finding a fitness coach. I found Kristi at Move Fitness and Therapy in my hometown to help with my physical issues, however as much as I tried my weight would not budge, nor would my belly go away. She happened to have a flyer about the 12 week FLT nutrition program being run at The Vreeland Clinic. I decided that I had to try something new, and there began my journey back to health. During the 12 weeks Kate coached me on a new way of thinking about food. I was used to dieting with “low fat” everything. More than once I questioned making the full fat choice, only to be reassured that, yes, that was the right choice. Well 12 weeks later I am different in many ways. I look to food as nourishment, not a reward or to soothe feelings. I have lost 12 ½" of belly! My body fat dropped by over 4%, and the best marker was my hip to waist ratio is now in the healthy zone.

What else has changed? I feel good about myself again. I am no longer a slug. I work out 4 times a week and I don’t focus on the scale, but on how my body is changing, getting more lean. I shop differently now, cook more and look at this new way of eating as a lifetime change, not a gimmick to lose a few lbs.”

Deb, Vermont

I Was Not Myself

The move to Vermont was both joyful and filled with stress. Selling our home in New York and becoming acquainted with new surroundings was a challenge. I gained many many pounds. The weight gain also resulted in my developing back and hip pain. I was certain that people saw me as fat and frumpy. My sense of worthlessness and shame hampered my ability to take charge.

The Vreeland Clinic was able to help. Dr. Vreeland, Chiropractic Neurologist and Kate Collins, Lifestyle Educator, came up with a strategy and diet that would work for me and would also insure my meeting reasonable expectations. Dr. Vreeland also urged that I exercise. I became a regular at the gym.

Each week I met with Katie and we discussed my progress. With her guidance we were able to address the many complexities of my needing to make lifestyle changes while attaining realistic goals. Katie helped me to keep my sense of humor too. Dr. Vreeland would pop in with advice and encouragement. Working with people who are skilled, knowledgeable and conscientious allowed me to get the weight off. I received valuable information regarding diet and nutrition and am able to make a lifestyle change. I am healthier, thinner and strong. I have renewed confidence again. So much so that I bought some red lingerie for the holidays. Hats off and much gratitude to everyone at the Vreeland Clinic.

Brenda, VT