Head Injury / Traumatic Brain Injury

“Dr. Court and his excellent care made a huge difference in my rapid and complete recovery from a head injury a year ago. For optimal brain healing and health, I recommend his work highly.”

Edie, Vermont

“After incurring a traumatic brain injury in 2005, I was told at several points by specialists that I had reached the end of my recuperation at one month, six months and finally at one year (2006) they said I was as well as I would ever be. Three years later (2009), I began treatment with Dr. Court. He is kind, generous with his time and knowledge and committed to helping me get as well as I can. I have made more headway in my recuperation in the last two years than in the four years prior by doing his recommended neuroplasticity home rehab exercises. I have my red glasses on as I write this. Ahhh... I am eternally grateful for his devoted care.”

B.S., Vermont

From the mother of a patient with a Traumatic Brain Injury “Chauntelle had been at a rehabilitation facility for a year and when she came home we began to seek other therapies to enhance her progression toward a more independent lifestyle. At the recommendation of a family from the BIANH, she began seeing Dr. Vreeland as an alternative to traditional medical care that focused on drug therapies and psychiatric consultations... Dr. Vreeland does not recommend or provide narcotics for TBI patients but instead uses very specific diet, exercise and supplements which are prescribed after extensive testing and monitored very closely. Dr. Vreeland makes himself available to speak and confer with all of the medical professionals that Chauntelle works with, from her primary care physician to her PT and OT as well as being accessible for me and Chauntelle herself. On many occasions, in the beginning of her treatment, I would call if I was having trouble or she has called for some of the smallest reasons and he would take the call when possible or call back ASAP and spend the time necessary to take care of the situation.

Chauntelle has progressed very well on the supplement regimen Dr. Vreeland has prescribed. She has also gained range of motion and strength from the exercises he has developed for her. These are some of the ways Chauntelle has improved while under his care:

  • No narcotics - she currently takes no drugs of any kind
  • Better diet (reduced sugar) - we have learned what foods trigger bad results
  • Better weight control
  • Improved reaction time
  • Improved balance which has greatly improved her walking
  • Improved strength in upper and lower body extremities
  • Greater flexibility in left arm and increased tactile awareness in left hand
  • Improved speech and communication skills
  • Improved reasoning and judgment
  • Fewer outbursts - less anger
  • Fewer depressed states
  • More self confidence
  • Better decision making
  • Improved time management”

Chauntelle’s mother, New Hampshire