“Dr. Vreeland assisted me with the discomforts of menopause, allowing me to move through this phase of life without the use of hormone therapy.... I highly recommend the Vreeland Clinic for all your health care needs."

Liza, Concord, NH


“For years, I had hopes of better understanding my body, but despite any avenues I tried, I was not too successful. I have always been very unhealthy, but when I approached 50 and menopausal symptoms appeared, hot flashes interrupted my life terribly! I went to my gynecologist and she suggested anti-depressants for my hot flashes! Oh, my! I told her, I am not depressed, I'm hot! But one of my clients had referred me that same week to Dr. Court, and my life and my understanding of my own body changed overnight! I learned more about my own body from Dr. Court in our first visit than ALL of the traditional doctors in my life combined!

Suffice it to say, we found several places where my body's functions needed "tweaking" and before long I felt better than I had in YEARS! I had more energy than ever and those hot flashes actually stopped! Soon after, I expanded my business and it has been growing ever since! All due to my new found energy!

By the way, my business is dogs! I teach people how to raise their dogs NATURALLY, with healthy foods, and without the traditional drugs that are so over-used on our pets. It was only NATURAL that I should learn to do the same for myself and my family!!

My elderly parents and my daughter are now patients of Dr. Court, as well. We all check in with him regularly... he takes good care of us!”

D.R., Vermont