“I have always considered myself a healthy eater and in relatively good shape. When I received my test results back from my primary doctor, I was shocked to see how bad my cholesterol, CRP, and blood sugar levels were (at 32 years old!). I explained to my primary doctor that I really didn’t eat fast food very often and that I hit the gym daily. His suggestions to help my results were “more cardio” and “fish oils” which seemed pretty generic given how bad the results were.

I decided it was time to make some lifestyle changes but had no idea where to start, so I called Dr. Vreeland. Dr. Vreeland LISTENED to all of my issues and after reading my test results, came up with a plan tailored to fit my needs. After only a few short weeks, I felt the difference. I had more energy and was able to focus better at work. Three months later my cholesterol was cut in half and my other levels were back to normal! When my doctor reviewed the results the first thing he said was, “How did you do this?” He really wanted to know how my results could have improved so quickly.

The best part about working with Dr. Vreeland is the support you will receive and the knowledge that he will be there for you every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to make a change and getting their health back on track!”

William, Pennsylvania

“On April 5th, 2011, I had my blood drawn for a LPP (Lipoprotein Particle Profile). I was working with Dr. Court Vreeland. When the results came in the graphic results looked like a Christmas tree with lots of red, yellow and green lights. The profile contained a total of 19 read outs. Green meant normal, yellow meant borderline and red meant abnormal. I had 8 in the red, three in the yellow and 8 in the green. Not the kind of report one wanted to see. Dr. Court came up with a plan which made adjustments to supplements I had been taking, plus adding some new ones. On August 6th, 2012, I had my fourth blood draw for LPP. The results were amazingly different. Everything was in the normal except one borderline yellow. Don’t let anyone tell you supplements are a waste of money. What is a waste of money is a doctor who always puts people on prescriptions and doesn’t know the power of supplements.”

William, Vermont