"I began with Dr. Vreeland after 18 years of not feeling well and my symptoms getting worse. My symptoms included insomnia, diffuse joint pain, low energy at times, very bad constipation, bloating, and gastrointestinal distress. I was having headaches and vertigo as well. Also, I had gained weight and nothing I did helped me lose it. I tried lots of things with no success. Rheumatology wanted to put me on RA drugs and prednisone, but I was not comfortable with that approach so I sought Dr. Vreeland’s help. Dr. Vreeland ordered some tests including a test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). It was positive so we began a protocol to eliminate the overgrowth, reduce the inflammation, and to help me lose weight. In just three and a half months my muscle and joint pain are greatly improved, as is my constipation. I am sleeping better, I have no other gastrointestinal symptoms, no headaches and no vertigo. My rheumatologist cannot believe the improvement in my blood work. She says she’s never seen anything like it! I’ve also been able to lose almost 20 pounds which I thought would never happen! I cant say how thrilled I am to be working with Dr. Vreeland who has finally zoned in on my issues where no other MD has been able and that I am feeling so much better without the use of potentially dangerous drugs!! He has helped my daughter too. We are both so thrilled!”

Donna Cauti


“After a year of suffering with vertigo on an almost daily basis, I called the Vreeland Clinic as a last resort after being told by my doctor that I would just have to live with it. Dr. Court performed many tests on my eyes, determining a lag in their reaction time. He knew immediately that something as simple as an iPad app would improve my symptoms… and after 2 months my vertigo is all but gone!”

Beth, Vermont


“About 10 years ago I drove a friend to the Vreeland Clinic. An instructor at an energy healing school in ME and MA highly recommended the Clinic because of my friend's health issue. I was SO impressed that I made an appointment. I had health issues that were not improving with the assistance of the traditional medical community.

I received healing medical care from Dr. Vreeland that truly helped by body to heal. His knowledge of chiropractic neurology, nutrition, applied kinesiology and Western medicine coupled with my active participation resulted in my healing. I know that would not have happened with traditional health care. Prescriptions were treating the symptoms. Dr. Vreeland was able to discover the core issues and bring balance back to my body that was out of balance.

Now almost 10 years later, I see Dr. Court Vreeland on a regular basis every year. If I notice any imbalance that may be occurring, I bring it to Dr. Vreeland's attention and he helps me restore my health before a bigger problem develops.

Earlier this year I suddenly developed symptoms that I believed were vertigo. I know of many people who have suffered with this very debilitating condition for years. I saw Dr. Court Vreeland as soon as possible. Again his skills helped bring balance and a healed state. Prior to the appointment my symptoms were a 10. And as I left the office, the symptoms were a 3. Now they are a 1, only one and a half months later, and my vision has returned to normal. I can drive, read, walk, bike, kayak, and do all the activities I love to do! This was all accomplished as a result of an eye exam with a machine called Real Eyes, a few neurological tests and eye exercises that were prescribed to do at home on a regular basis.

So many people I know are suffering with health issues; they are on many medications and are not getting better. Whereas, I am restoring, building and maintaining my health! I am so very grateful for all the Vreeland Clinic has to offer. This is the best health insurance for they truly help me to ensure my health.”

M.C., Massachusetts